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Steps for Doing a Central Heating Installation in Garland, TX

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A heating system is a very important piece of appliance every homeowner should have. However, a heating installation in Garland, TX is not as easy as you may think. It requires a good understanding of the process, proper planning, and the right products. There is a possibility of doing the basic installation of a central heating system on your own, such as installing the control system and selecting the boilers and radiators.

However, there are other parts that require you to hire a professional, such as connecting the boiler to the gas supply, and ensuring that the heating system is safe and works properly. Below are the basic steps on what is involved in installing a heating system using a gas boiler.

Investigate the Options

The first step you should take if you’re considering installing a heating system is to research in the equipment you will need. Choose a large enough furnace that is efficient to heat your home and supply hot water throughout your house. If you choose a boiler that is overly big then your monthly utility bill will go up due to heat loss from the boiler. Therefore, there is a need for proper research on the efficient boiler. Also research on the kind of radiator you will need, and their specifications, not forgetting to get a control system that comes with clear instructions.

Plan on the location of the installation

The next step is to draw up a plan for where the central heating installation will be. This will help when installing all the parts. Choose a spot that will allow for easy connection to water pipes and the gas boiler with proper ventilation as well.

Install the radiators

When doing radiator installation remember to keep the radiator 10-15 cm off the floor in order to keep some room for the valves and the pipes also allowing for cleaning. After that, install a wheel valve on the flow connection and a lock shield valve in the return connection. This will help to regulate the flow of water.

Attach radiator pipes and faucets to the boiler then install the control system

The next step would be to get copper pipes with capillary or compression joints. Be sure that the pipes properly vent the radiators to avoid the system from malfunctioning or getting airlocks. After that look at the manufacturer’s instructions and install the control system.

Install the gas boiler

Ensuring the safe and proper installation of a boiler is paramount, and this necessitates strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. At this juncture, securing the services of a certified contractor becomes imperative, particularly when dealing with the gas connection to the boiler.

The intricate nature of this task underscores the importance of hiring a qualified professional to execute the job meticulously and in accordance with safety standards.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to enlist the expertise of a certified contractor to guarantee the efficient and secure heating installation of the boiler.


The last step is to close all radiator vents, fill the heating system with water then allow the radiators to vent through. This is done by switching on the boiler and balancing the heated water flow to each radiator by use of the lock shield valves. When this is done have your contractor determine the safety of the system.

Following the above steps for central heating installation in Garland, TX will ensure that the process is safe and your house is well-heated. For the best installation, call our company to help with all your heating installation in Garland, TX needs.

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