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Breaker Boxes Installation in Garland, TX

Breaker boxes are used in the home to provide a hub for the electrical wires used for outlets, light switches, and other electrical components. The breaker box is where you will find the power switches for every area of your home. It is essential when having a new breaker box installed in the home that the installation is handled by professionals.

At AC Repair-Garland, we specialize in not only quality HVAC services but also electrical. We can help you with breaker boxes installation in Garland, TX in the home, whether you are constructing a new build or need to replace your existing unit. Our experience in the electrical industry will ensure your unit is installed properly and can handle the power load you require.

Understanding the Breaker Box

The breaker box is a panel that will have circuits connected to wires running throughout the home. This is the area in which you will disconnect service to work on light fixtures, outlets, etc.

The breaker box panel is connected to a power meter and has a primary conduit. The panel will be mounted into the wall directly behind the meter and have labels so you can clearly see which breaker goes to a specific area of the home.

As electrical professionals, we have the know-how to install the breaker box in your home as well as ensure the new unit has the ability to take on your power load. Ground wires as well as neutrals are used to ensure your home is safely able to be powered. With the right power option, you will be able to prevent tripping breakers in the home and be able to operate all of your items effectively.

With our breaker boxes installation in Garland, TX services, you can rest assured you will have enough power to operate every electrical item in the home.

Reasons for New Breaker Box Installation

At AC Repair-Garland, we’ve observed that numerous homeowners lack awareness regarding the appropriate timing for the installation of a new breaker box in their homes. This lack of knowledge stems from various factors, including the presence of an outdated fuse box, new construction projects, or the necessity for a power increase.

In cases where a home is equipped with an outdated electrical system or damaged panels, the installation of new breakers becomes a straightforward and beneficial solution.

Our team is dedicated to addressing these concerns and ensuring that homeowners have a clear understanding of when and why a new breaker box may be required for their electrical systems.

Upgrade Reasons Include:

  • Updating to a breaker panel from a fuse box or knob and tube wiring
  • Increasing the amount of power in the home
  • Replacing a broken breaker panel, melted or burnt wires

When considering a home addition, it is essential to evaluate the electrical infrastructure, and one significant aspect is the breaker box. In some cases, a new breaker box may need to be added to accommodate the increased electrical load resulting from the addition.

This is especially crucial when incorporating new spaces into the home. It ensures that there are enough slots available to support additional electrical requirements, such as those for large appliances or HVAC equipment.

Therefore, when planning a home expansion, it is important to proactively address the need for a breaker box to maintain a safe and efficient electrical system.

At AC Repair-Garland, we are ready to work for you. We want to ensure your home has a safely operating electrical system. Let us provide you with the essential service options needed when you need breaker boxes installation in Garland, TX service. Contact our office today to get started by making an appointment.

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