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What’s the Deal with Switches, Dimmers, Plugs and Outlets?

In the home, many components go along with electricity. You have your switches, dimmers, plugs and outlets, plus light fixtures, breaker boxes, etc. Each component has its own job to do to be able to provide you with the electricity you need in the home. At AC Repair Garland, we offer only the best service options for your electricity needs. Learn more about these components to see just how they affect your home.


The switch plays a crucial role as the component responsible for controlling the flow of electricity in a room. Typically, most rooms feature a single switch designed to operate the main light fixture, allowing users to turn it on and off conveniently. Moreover, the switch plate may accommodate additional switches, enabling control over multiple fixtures from a centralized location.

It is essential to install this component correctly to ensure the proper functioning of your fixtures. The correct orientation involves positioning the switch upwards for the ON position and downwards for the OFF position, establishing a reliable and user-friendly electrical control system in your living spaces.


A dimmer is a component that can be added to a light switch to adjust the brightness of a light fixture. A dimmer is usually a knob light controller placed on the switch that will allow you to adjust how bright the room will be. At AC Repair Garland, we can install such dimmers in your home for maximum lighting control.

Plugs and Outlets

In order to facilitate the connection of devices, such as appliances and electronics, it is essential to have appropriate plugs and outlets installed in your home. For older homes, it becomes crucial to consider replacing these components to maintain a safe environment, guarding against the risks associated with faulty wiring or potential fire damage.

Instances, where outlets are loose or visibly damaged, should be promptly addressed, necessitating their replacement to eliminate any potential safety hazards within the home. Regular maintenance and updates in electrical components contribute to the overall safety and functionality of the living space.

Switches, dimmers, plugs and outlets must be installed correctly to be able to provide you with the electricity and lighting you need in the home. Our electricians are well-versed in the electrical industry to be able to provide excellent service from new installations to repairs. Let our team help you with a full evaluation of your home. Each component of your electrical system will be inspected to ensure your home is power-safe.

Service You Can Trust

When working with professional electricians, such as our team, you can rest assured that your electrical system will be functioning at the proper levels. The right wiring, breaker box and panel as well as proper components such as switches, dimmers, plugs and outlets must be of the highest quality and installed correctly for safety as well as operation reasons. Work with the best so you never have to worry about the power function of your home.

If you are seeking additional information on electrical components, it is advisable to engage with experienced professionals. AC Repair Garland offers a comprehensive understanding of electrical services, and contacting them will provide insights into the various options available. Consider scheduling a consultation for a thorough evaluation of your home’s electrical system.

During this process, any existing problems will be meticulously discussed, and a detailed plan will be devised to guarantee the effective and efficient operation of your home’s power systems. Take the initiative to contact their office today for expert assistance.

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