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Now you can easily determine if your house is as energy efficient as possible with a home energy audit in Garland from AC Repair, your home energy audit in Garland professionals. Let them perform a home energy audit on your home and they can tell you, and help you correct any problems you may have. They will give your home a complete checkup checking virtually everything in the energy efficiency of your home from ductwork and insulation to your air conditioning and insulation.

  • Energy Saver Home Energy Audits
    The home energy experts at AC Repair Garland will answer your home energy audit questions and share with you advice on ways to save money on your energy bills.
  • Professional Home Energy Audit in Garland
    Your first step in assessing how much energy your home consumes [and wastes] will help you decide what measures you should take moving forward to help make your home more energy efficient and thereby more economical to maintain.
  • Do It Yourself Home Energy Audit in Garland
    A DIY energy audit will certainly not be as thorough as having it done by a professional, but it can still in its own way, be enlightening.
  • Blower Door Test
    A professional home energy audit in Garland may perform what is called a blower door test. This test helps determine how airtight your home is.
  • Thermographic Inspection
    Thermography is a relatively new technology to the energy audit industry and is more readily used by the experts than ever before. This infrared scanning is used to detect any thermal defects and air leakage that may be present in your home.
  • PFT Air Infiltration Measurement Techniques
    PFT Air Infiltration Measurement may be used by your home energy auditor to determine the airtightness of your building. There are actually several different methods of PFT Air Infiltration Measurement available to the professionals today. Whoever you choose to perform your home energy audit, be sure to ask about PFT (Per Fluorocarbon Tracer Gas) and ensure this test is included in your audit.
  • Small Changes Can Equal HUGE Savings
    Addressing your home energy audit methodically and making the appropriate changes to your home could end up saving you hundreds more than you will spend in terms of your energy efficient. Not only will you be reducing your individual energy costs, you will be helping the environment as well by reducing your family’s carbon footprint.

When you schedule your home energy audit, be certain you allow ample time for your own preparation. You will want to help the auditor by compiling a list of your energy concerns, listing things you feel may be a potential problem. Have several past energy bills available for the auditor’s perusal. If you don’t have these readily available, you should be able to obtain copies from your service providers. These are very important to your auditor as he/she will use these to help establish what areas most likely need to be addressed. The auditor may want to know a little something about you and/or your family’s personal habits such as:

  • Is there anyone typically in the house during daytime (normal working) hours?
  • What is the average temperature setting you keep on your thermostat?
  • How many people reside in the home?
  • How often are they there?
  • Is every room in the house utilized?

Call the experts at the best home energy audit in Garland, TX, AC Repair-Garland today at 469-229-7740 to discuss and schedule your home energy audit and how best to address your individual needs when it comes to attic ventilation.

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