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Attic Ventilation | Many Reasons

There are as many different types of attic ventilation systems as there are reasons for having it in your home. The best attic ventilation installation in Garland TX is available from AC Repair Garland. Not only do we install the right attic ventilation installation in Garland TX, we guarantee our work.

What you need to know before deciding on attic ventilation, is the various different types and just how they address specific ventilation issues and problems. The experts at AC Repair Garland offer the best advice on attic ventilation installation in Garland, TX.

Natural Attic Ventilation

It will probably sound odd but, one reason for attic ventilation is to provide warmth top your attic. This is important (as you may have guessed) in the winter months to prevent ice damming. Ice damming is caused when the warmth escaping through your roof from your attic melts the lying snow causing water to cascade down the roof. When the attic cools again (at night) the water freezes at the gutter or drip line, forming a dam and causing unnecessary damages to your roof.

Proper insulation can also help prevent ice damming by not allowing the warm air form your house to enter the attic and thaw the snow. Beware of one of the most common insulation errors; blocking the soffit vents with insulation preventing proper air flow to your attic.

Attic Fans

The intention of attic ventilation installation in Garland fans is to cool the attic air by drawing air through the soffit vents, up into the attic, and out through the ridge line or gables. However, if your home has faulty insulation that does not seal your home from the attic, or blocks your soffit vents, the attic fans will draw out air conditioning at a higher rate as well.

Thus making your air conditioning unit to work harder and much less efficiently. The last thing you want is your air conditioner cooling or your heating unit heating your unfinished attic space. Have the experts at AC Repair Garland check your attic to make sure it is properly insulated and ventilated.

Getting the Job Done | Installing Rafter Vents

If your plan is to completely insulate your attic all the way out to the eaves, you will need to install rafter vents, also commonly referred to as insulation baffles. Completely covering the attic floor will ensure the best sealing between the house and the attic, but don’t forget the importance of ventilation.

When installing rafter vents or insulation baffles, staple them directly to the roof decking. These vents usually come in four-foot lengths and fourteen and a half or twenty=two and a half inch widths. Choose the correct one according to how your roof is framed, either on twenty-four or sixteen-inch centers.

Attic rafter vents play a crucial role in maintaining proper ventilation in your attic space. It is essential to position them precisely at the juncture where the roof deck meets the attic floor.

Once these rafter vents are accurately installed, you have the green light to proceed with placing batts, blankets, or initiating the process of blowing in new insulation. Ensure that your insulation extends seamlessly to the very edge of the attic floor for effective coverage and optimal energy efficiency.

Call the experts at the best attic ventilation installation company in Garland, TX, AC Repair Garland today at 469-229-7740 to discuss your attic ventilation and how best to address your individual needs when it comes to attic ventilation installation in Garland.

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