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New Home Plumbing Installation in Garland, TX

“Water in and water out”, this is the main concept that works with any plumbing installation. When installing a water supply system in a new home, there are three main elements needed, the water supply structure, the drainage system, and the appliance.

In most districts, you have to be a licensed plumber or you must be employed by a licensed plumber who approves or looks after your work. Local regulation codes arbitrate plumbing strategies, however, a new home’s appliance arrangement, pipe routing layout, and pipe diameter depends in the home’s specific design. With all these in mind, it is best to hire plumbing installation in Garland, TX.

Installation Plans

Sewer compliance docks are established before cement foundation pouring, although the volume of the plumbing arises later in the process. The rough-in stage, which arise parallel to wiring and duct installation, appear after the framing is integrated, although takes place later than drywall hanging.

At this point, plumbing installation in Garland, TX will have to install the main drains and connect them to the stack. Rough in drain fittings are then connected for sinks and tubs. Additionally, at this phase of the installation, water supply tubing and toilet flanges are installed.

Plumbing Appliances

Tubs and shower assembly are normally set prior to framing the walls, this is because they are often too sizable by the time walls and doorways are fixed. Considering that there is a lot of building going on, it is important to have these fixtures protected from scratches by using linens or used rugs. Commodes and sinks are installed lastly, behind wall and floor installation.

Water Supply Structure

The pressurized central water supply connection penetrates through the house beneath the frost line, and then separates into either the cold water supply or the hot water heater. This is where we get the hot and cold water supply coming in the appliance.

There are houses with plumbing manifolds that displays a big assemblage with red and blue valves on either side. This valve manages the hot and cold water supply coming out of the fixtures. Adopting a manifold system with your water supply makes it easy to shut off any of the water coming into the house without turning off the entire supply inside the whole house.

Drainage Vents

The central pipe and soil stack, typically running vertically under the ground floor and goes all the way beyond the roofline, cascades waste to the central sewer drain. The waste drains are commonly connected to the stack. Waste leaves the house under frost line and connects to the municipal sewage system.


Fixtures such as the sink shower or bathtub requires a U-shaped pipe that keeps a small amount of water to block the backing up of foul sewage gases. Almost all plumbing appliance need to have a drain trap besides the commode.

Vent Pipes

Pipe clogs are mainly caused by water locks which can develop in drainpipes cut off with air. All drains need proper ventilation, although a single vent, typically located at the back of a sink, can handle other fixtures that are connected to it equal or lesser than 10 feet of connection with the prevalent drainage line. Vent pipes with no greater than two inches in width, are affixed to the vent-and -soil stack at the top floor. When an appliance is located farther from a common vent, it needs a supplementary vent pipe, connected to the stack and escapes the roof distinctly.

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